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Unitronics - Schmachtl

To our customers and business partners we offer supply, software support, service and assembly of UNITRONICS control units. Write to info@equistav.cz for sending evaluation of your selection. Our company became system integrator in 2009, and it closely cooperates with Schmachtl ltd company.


Unitronics company that has developed and produced programmable automatic machines (PLC) with built-in operator interface since 1989 brings remarkable novelties  on the market. They will increase communication capabilities of PLC and make work of industrial applications programmers significantly easier. Thus Unitronics continues in long term development and improving its products.

In 2007 production program was extended by three models of new generation programmable automatic machines with special functions and communication capabilities. These are PLC Vision350™ type with 3,5" color touch-screen, the smallest PLC of this kind in the world, and next there is PLC Vision130™ model. These programmable automatic machines exist in several different designs with different configuration of inbuilt inputs and outputs. They include typical binary (both transistor and relay) inputs and outputs as well as voltage or current analog inputs and outputs. Some models are also set by temperature inputs for connecting thermocouples or Pt100 resistive sensors. Next new model is Vision570™ with color 5,7" touch-screen. This unit does not have any inbuilt inputs and outputs , so it can be used as separate operator panel that can be programmed in a language of contact  schemes. Inputs and outputs are at hand either in Snap- in module or in external extending modules which are compatible with all PLCs of Unitronics company. Thus control system can manage up to 171 inputs and outputs.

Support of SD and SD Micro memory cards
Currently Unitronics company brings on market full support of SD memory cards – Secure Digital and SD Micro for all programmable new generations automatic machines. By SD cards, operating personnel can load programmed project or operating system into PLC (or download from PLC). Memory cards can be also used as storage of operational data in form of history of alarms or data tables which can be consequently exported into MS Excel Format. Similarly, data prescriptions can be loaded from memory card to database in control system.
Remote modules with inputs and outputs.

Next remarkable novelty from Unitronics workshop is EX-RC1 extending adaptors with CAN interface at hand. To these modules, up to eight random already existing modules with inputs and outputs can be connected. They can be then remotely operated (through CAN network) by programmable Unitronics automatic machines connected to the same network. Communication by special Unitronics company protocol – UniCAN – works in such a way that modules act in network as inferior stations (slave) and PLC acts as control system (master). Thus to one control system up to 512 remote inputs and outputs can be connected.

Vision 130


Alarms inform machine operator of particular events caused by binary or integral variables. These news can instruct machine operator in detail on further proceeding, they can require certain output and play active role as a condition for starting processes. Alarms that can be up to 128 are displayed on system screen, so it is not necessary to program their graphical presentation.

Function of web server
Next novelty is a function of web server. Programmable Unitronics new generation automatic machines can act as servers and generate web pages on which values of variables, timer clocks, counters as well as alarm announcements can be displayed. PLCs can perform this function only if connected to Ethernet network.

Simple sending e-mail
Now all programmable Unitronics automatic machines with Ethernet interface have an option on the basis of a program to send e-mail. The condition is access to SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or ESMTP server (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) by Ethernet network.

Step motors control
By Snap-in modules, Vision570 control systems provide high frequency outputs. In connection with programmable software they are configurable and adjusted to control of step motors.

Color graphs – trends
Operating personnel can use color graphs of measured values’ dependence on time (trends).  Their programming is very simple – it is enough to set variable we want to visualize plus couple of other parameters, and software itself takes care of everything (pressing graph histories, change of scale etc.).

Vision 570

CAN bus bar and CANopen protocol
Originally CAN bus bar served to Unitronic automatic machines only for mutual communication by proprietary UniCAN protocol. Later came also support of open industrially expanded CANopen protocol. Now Unitronics company started support of both protocols simultaneously. Because of that, individual automatic machines can mutually communicate through CAN network (by CANopen protocol) and simultaneously control all slave appliances in the same network (by CANopen protocol). By this, implementation of CAN interface in Unitronics automatic machines elevated to the level of such industrial networks as Profibus or DeviceNet that offer expert functionality. For example, to the same CAN network it is possible to connect one control PLC and one back-up PLC which in case of control PLC failure can take over its function. Besides that, Unitronics automatic machines enable to access any other protocol of CAN bus bar by CAN layer 2 protocol.

PID regulation with automatic tuning
All Unitronics company PLCs enable control of processes by PID regulation which can, in short time, achieve required value (for example furnace temperature) without unwanted overshoots. Output of PID regulation is analog control value which can be eventually transferred to binary output by pulse-latitudinal modulation. Part of program equipment is also automatic tuning function (autotune) which sets necessary parameters of PID regulation after automatic test of regulated system. Besides that, bumpless control function required at some specific applications can be used. This function ensures stability of regulated system in the moment of starting PID regulation.

Other new functions
Libraries of text strings make programming multilingual application easier. Other novelty is UniDownloader software which enables programmer to save compiled project and send it to end customer who can easily load it to PLC on the spot. New UniEDS tool is meant for viewing EDS files supplied together with slave appliances which communicate by CANopen protocol.


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