Photovoltaic power plants
Photovoltaic power plants

Our company offers assembly and realization of your PV power plant. The scope of our company is within this area: The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Italy.

We offer our customers automatic control system of their power plant. It allows them any time watching output of their power plant, weather conditions, security by camera systems, analysis and charts. We themselves are the developers of the system, using our own software, so we fully adjust the system to individual conditions and requirements of PV power plants end customers. In this regard we base our work on longtime experience of our programmers team which has realized orders at hydropower plants since 1995.

As one of the few in this area, our company develops and tests software using island mode of PV power plants in times when transfer system does not provide opportunity of supply to distribution network.

We are convinced that in near future this opportunity will be one of those few in which investment into PV power plant is surely returnable, in accord with valid legislation of the Czech Republic and EU.

We look forward to realization of your power plant by our company.