Frujo island mode references
Frujo island mode references

Our company has been a partner of Frujo corp. since 2009.
In 2010, Frujo corp. company decided to actively deal with its energy balance. After successful installation of PV power plant on roof shells of production and store halls, Frujo corp. leadership decided to perform transfer to island mode. That meant full "galvanic disconnection" of whole operational area from supplies of E.ON distribution network.

Despite all effort of E.ON workers who tried to discourage us from this realization, whole plan was successfully brought to life, to the astonishment of all former skeptics.

From December 2010 when that "galvanic disconnection" from distribution network occurred, whole production area operates in an island mode.

What does it actually mean? Two cogeneration units with 200kW and 370kW output that are primary source of electrical energy were installed. Additionally to these two units, PV power plant consequently turns on according to real production. All these activities go on under control software installed and produced by our company.

Soft starters for all machinery with input power higher than 10kW were also installed. Structured cabling was installed to all appliances. On the cabling, there are individual PLCs which are managed by superior software at terminal devices.

Due to control system, whole energy performance of the area was reduced by 30%. Moreover, operation of the system proved viability of whole island system in which photovoltaics supplies 230kW while gas generators supply 140kW in full production process.

Currently, basic system is being extended to user level. Thus technicians of Frujo corp. can see on their monitors the activity of whole energy unit, and in detail they can see production of individual gas cogeneration units, PV power plants, and last but not least, current immediate consumption of whole area.
We shall again inform you about situation of this order in the following months and years.

On behalf of Equistav corp. company,

Martin Polanka